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The Phantom Team

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Connor Glass, Phantom Neuro is bringing together world-leading physicians, scientists, engineers, and business executives to make laboratory advancements in neurotechnology accessible to the general population

Phantom is growing quickly - stay in touch for the latest!

Board of Directors


Connor Glass, MD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Glass is the primary inventor of the Phantom X. He completed his medical training at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, followed by a research fellowship in Plastic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University where he studied microsurgical  treatments for neuromuscular injury and surgical methods of human-machine  interfacing. It was during his research training that he and his fellow co-inventors created Phantom's foundational technology.

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D.A. Wallach


D.A. Wallach is a venture capital investor and an acclaimed recording artist who Fast Company named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. While an undergraduate at Harvard, D.A. studied with professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and received the Andrew Ramroop and Alain Locke prizes as the top graduate in his department. In 2011, D.A. stopped touring in order to focus on his other passion, investing. He has since built a parallel career as a venture capitalist, backing industry-defining technology companies such as Spotify, SpaceX, Ripple, Neuralink, and more.


Ed Michael, JD


Ed is a Board Observer of Phantom Neuro. He is a co-founder and Managing Partner of LionBird Ventures and was an executive at Abbott Laboratories for over 25 years where he served in various leadership roles in the legal, medical products and diagnostics groups, including as Executive Vice President of Diagnostics Products for the last five years of his career there. He served on the boards of the Cook County Health and Hospitals system, NeuMoDx, Inc. (acquired by Qiagen), among others. He currently serves on the boards of QuidelOrtho, PhysIQ, Protenus, MetaMe Health, Rhino Health, and Heyday Health.

R&D Partners


Blackrock Neurotech

Blackrock Neurotech is the world's leader in neurotechnology manufacturing and experimentation, with over 20 years of brain-computer interface expertise. Blackrock’s technical expertise covers materials, implantable electronics, miniaturization, system integration, and regulatory approval. Their precision electrode technology is at the core of many worldwide brain-computer interface innovations and has enabled BCI users to walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again. Of the 34 people worldwide with implanted brain computer interfaces, 31 of them use Blackrock's technology.


Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge is one of the worlds leading product development and technology consultancy firms with an extensive history of success in smart implantable medical devices, wireless powering, wireless communications, miniaturization, and regulatory approval. Combined, Cambridge has created over 5000 patents for their clients. The Cambridge medical devices team is responsible for breakthrough technologies such as the worlds first wireless cardiac pacemaker and the only FDA cleared medical device for treatment of gait impairment due to Multiple Sclerosis.

Technical Advisors


Sami Tuffaha, MD

Dr. Tuffaha is a co-inventor of Phantom X. He is the Director of Peripheral Nerve Surgery within the Plastic Surgery Department at Johns Hopkins. He completed his Plastic Surgery training at Johns Hopkins followed by a fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at Mayo Clinic. He previously served as Program Chair for the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Hand Surgery and will serve as Program Chair for the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Peripheral Nerves this coming year.


Geoff Ling, MD, PhD

Dr. Ling is the current CEO of On Demand Pharmaceuticals. He was the Founding Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Biological Technologies Office that initiated DARPA’s funding of human-machine interactions. Dr. Ling served, at the time, as the only neuro-intensive care specialist in the US military and retired as a colonel in the US Army. He is a Professor of Neurology, Anesthesiology & Critical Care at Johns Hopkins.


Nitish Thakor, PhD

Dr. Thakor is a co-inventor of the Phantom X and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. His technical expertise is in the fields of Medical Instrumentation and Neuroengineering, where he has carried out research on many technologies for brain monitoring, implantable neurotechnologies, neuroprosthesis and brain-machine interface. He has published over 430 refereed journal papers, obtained 16 US and international patents and co-founded 3 active companies. He was elected to the National Academy of Inventors in 2021.

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